Friday, April 22, 2005

Still in School

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Equal time to each party! Great laff!

Friday, July 02, 2004


There's something i'd like to share with you long as i can remember i've told everyone the answer to every question is "chicken" i gave that nugget to my youngest son....BIG mistake anyone with kids and even some without , know that kids can take anything and run with everytime i ask him a question..he answers .."chicken"..funny as hell...

Thursday, July 01, 2004

the boys in NYC Posted by Hello
Aren't they gorgeous?!


well it's been ages but we've been busy we took the kids to NYC had a blast..did lady liberty and the empir state building times square...and a double decker bus....speaking of which grey line tours is a rip off...just get a metro pass its cheaper and more reliable drew started a sketch book and josh did a lot of juggling...we've done a lot of stuff around the house and a few times to the lake..nothing really exciting..but really relaxing PS..Shrek 2 is NOT as good as the first one...the characters were flimsy and the story line was way too drawn out the kids thought the giant gingerbread was funny..but overall they really weren't that impressed (translates into...didn't even MENTION it the next day)hope everyones summer is going well take care..oh by the way this is a pic of the kids on vacation

Thursday, June 03, 2004


well...what a busy few days...we have gardened and grilled and hung out at Lake Jordan...we've played video games and croquet...we went to a sushi restaraunt and sat on the floor..the kids are great with chopsticks....i finally finished admission procedures for college...all that's left is to figure out where my high school records are..they are still missing...ugh...and the biggest news for me ----due to the missing records i may have to take a ged..ugh..this is awful...

Friday, May 28, 2004

more stuff

well...the library was a success..we got a BOX full of books..everything from spiderman a science experiment book...from lions in africa to a how to motocross..and some choose your own adventure chapter books...all i got was "the trial" by franz kafka..and "snows of kilamanjaro" by hemmingway..i never read either of these in school so i figured i'd do it now expand my mind a bit...i do remember hemmingway was pretty dry and kafka was full of symbolism...but i need something kewl to talk about at dinner..we also caught an hour ride on the paddle boats...gawd my legs were wrecked after youngest (Josh) got pissed off at me for telling him not to juggle in the house and told me it was like being in Abu Ghraib...jeez..out of a nine years olds mouth eh? we lost the dog about 2 hours ago...seems Drew my oldest tried to take him out and lost control..of course i didnt know about it till porter was gone for about an hour...and our dog is part hound so when he takes off he's gone for a LONG time so ..2 hours of driving around the block screaming "porter" out the window in a spanish neighborhood not being able to ask..."have you seen a big brown/black dog.." without trying to say it in spanish...ugh..eventually i hear him bark..yes i know my dogs bark...don't you?......i step out on the back porch and start yelling..."porter"...and 2 houses down one of the only other english tenants in the neighborhood says..are you calling a dog..he's a college student i guess..why else would he need that clarified.....unless he knows a kid named porter?..any way i said uh...yeah...
he yells back,,,he's over hre under my tree he's been here for 2 hours ..seems porter went around the tree with his leash on and got stuck..typical right? the kid says..i saw him earlier...but i was afraid he'd bite so i left him alone....wonder what would have happened if we never had made contact and the dog just stayed there? anywho...that's my afternoon so far..and that doesn't even get me if we don't get a couch or a chair or a freakin big pillow soon i think im gonna throw my back out....800 square feet and four people just doesnt work!!!!!!

Angry Alien Productions, Sase and Topsie

Angry Alien Productions, Sase and Topsie this site is terrific..great art and don't forget to check out Amy's kids thought it was hilarious!.(even though they really never saw the shining or the exorcist) they loved the bunnies

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

busy busy busy

well...yesterday was mostly an inside day since it was a red zone for air quality and Josh has allergies ...we played online at Neopets and did some practice with our devil sticks...we had pot pies for lunch and talked about all kinds of things..they have been really concerned about the news from Iraq..especially Abu i had to attempt an explanation, man it's so difficult to explain the workings of war and politics and the human condition to kids but i did my best...trying to say how scary it must be for everyone over there..including the Iraqi's..Josh simply said.."well..i wish people could just play together they wouldn't want to have a war" ON THE HOME FRONT...we have no couch or anything in the living room since we gave the old one away...but our new stuff ended up not being we are in beach chairs (ugh...i realize i'm older everytime i try to get up from that far on te floor!!!!!)we went and picked up the lawnmower..then we priced pools..but we can't put one in till Eric sprays the fence so i guess this weekend we may get i think it's a library day..they have to read over summer..since i think its good to keep the brains working..and maybe we will swing by a.c. moore or michael's and find a crafty something we can do together..if you have any ideas...feel free!!!